Seshadripuram Evening Degree College was established in the year 1971, the first college established by the Seshadripuram Educational Trust for higher education. It is affiliated to Bangalore University. In the beginning, the College catered basically to the needs of those who were in employment but who had a desire to enhance their educational qualifications and achieve higher standards of learning. The crux of the idea is to let people learn while they earn.

Seshadripuram Evening Degree College embodied the spirit of social responsibility and cultural awareness reflecting the aspirations of the students; something that our motto stands for. The college recognizes the importance of the jobs that people have but also strive to equip them for a career.

We look forward to the future with enthusiasm, as a challenge and an opportunity to build our college as a vehicle of change and growth to prepare students think critically and act responsibly in a rapidly changing global environment. Commitment for quality and to work with and for the needy is interwoven into the fibre of our college.

Seshadripuram Evening Degree College, SEDC as we call it, is located at the heart of the city, easily accessible to any aspiring learner.

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Principal's Desk

Seshadripuram Evening College was founded in 1971, with the aim for students who learn while they Earn. Many of them come from the surrounding areas and find refuge in less expensive hostels or PGs near the college. These students are the ones who really need help, In order to help some of these disadvantaged students the college offers scholarships and fee concessions.

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