Attendance and Courses Tracking System(ACTS)

Attendance and Course Tracking System to enable quick, well documented, effective and integrated academic environment by providing access to Faculty, Management, Students and Parents are provided to enable student centric teaching – learning, which in turn facilitate teachers and students to enrich their knowledge and make class room teaching and learning more effective and interesting.

The college is particular as far as the attendance is concerned. It is mandatory for all students to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% without which they will not be allowed to appear for their exams.

We have been constantly updating our mechanism to monitor attendance and academic performance. We have recently moved to an integrated Campus Management Information System based on latest cloud computing technology. iPOMO provides students direct access to their hourly attendance through individual student accounts as well as Internal assessment marks.

Salient features of ACTS

  • Individual student's account with login ID and password.
  • Login ID and password for Principal to access/ track students’ information regularly.
  • Mechanism for Principal to check progress in syllabus completion.
  • SMS to students to communicate important information.
  • Online Feedback on faculty performance by students.

Portal Features

  • Live update on attendance
  • Student’s report
  • Lecturer’s details
  • Live update of classes held, topics covered, etc.
  • Class time-table
  • Assessment schedule and scores
  • Announcements and News updates through Ipomo

SMS Service

  • Monthly Attendance Summary

Our College SEC App is facilitated wherein Parents, Students and Alumni can download the same and view all the details about the happenings of the college. Once they become members, they receive all the updates as notifications.

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