Samarpana, is a wonderful platform for old students of the college to keep the bond intact with the college and with each other. It also provides various means through which the alumni can give back to the college in ways of their choice. It organizes guest lecture programs and interactive sessions with distinguished alumni. It provides jobs, donations to financially weaker students and merit students. The alumni also contribute towards social welfare services for the benefit of the society. Alumni are actively involved in training students and also in organizing and judging events in the college. Every year Samarpana organizes a get-together (Sneha Samillana) for its old students on the second Saturday of every September.

Our Vision

Networking, Building and Enriching of Life.

Our Mission

We intend to function as a platform for

  • Networking among the alumni and students
  • Building relationships and providing opportunities for younger alumni and current students
  • Enabling alumni to contribute to the enrichment of the college and community

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Forming Alumni Association plan.
  • Organizing functions and programmes for alumni students at least once in a year
  • Inviting alumni students to the function
  • Maintaining records of Alumni with their personal and professional achievements
  • To organize programs to help the students to develop all-round personality
  • To recognize academic, professional and social growth of the students
  • To organize meetings, seminars and conferences periodically
  • To establish scholarship funds to help needy and deserving students
  • To provide up gradation and sharing of knowledge.
  • To make all the outgoing students to register with the association every year
  • To find out any specific Special Excellency by any alumni
  • To make available finances for development of organization

List of office bearers of Samarpana (Alumni Association)

Name Designation
Dr N. S. Satish Ex Officio Member
H. S. Raghavendra Honorary President
Yogesh G. Working President
Girish H. N. Secretary
Gangadhar Char Treasurer
Anjinaiah Murthy Vice President
Savitha M Vice President
Manoj B. A. Vice President
Mune Gowda Joint Secretary
Anand Joint Secretary
Thrilok Kumar Joint Secretary
Dr Manjunath Joint Secretary
Yogesh M. Assistant Secretary
Prasad Assistant Secretary
Mallikarjun M. Assistant Secretary
Prerana Assistant Secretary