Faculty Convenor: Nagasudha R.

Students Co-ordinator: Sanjay N. and Vandana K. S

Our college has well-equipped laboratories which help students to gain practical knowledge for better understanding of the theoretical concepts.

The laboratories are listed below:

Business Lab

A dedicated business lab for the benefit of staff and students has been initiated in new premises to develop global competency and keep them updated with recent practices in the business world. The lab provides practical orientation to students by linking the subject syllabus with practical training in the lab. The business Lab is equipped with the latest teaching aids such as projector, computer systems with internet and charts, models, magazines prepared by students are displayed for the benefit of all.

Digital Lab

Computer labs can be found at each campus location for student access as well as for the provision of taking continuing education courses by the institution. Seshadripuram Evening College shall strive to create a learning environment that encourages accessing and using the best available electronic information for education purposes. Seshadripuram Evening College believes electronic devices through the Internet increase the opportunity to learn effectively by communicating and collecting timely information to the students.

Computer Science Lab

The lab is equipped with a sufficient number of desktop computers (90 computers), typically arranged in rows to accommodate multiple students simultaneously. Each computer is set up with the necessary hardware and software configurations to support programming, web development, database management, and other computer-related tasks.