Other Facilities


The college facilitate two canteens where a variety of tasty and hygienically prepared food is available at reasonable rates. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, a quick snack or a cup of coffee, the canteen is where you need to head. Conveniently located in the college quadrangle and just outside the main gate, the two canteens are easily accessible to staff and visitors as well. It is a pleasant sight to see students spread out across the quadrangle, enjoying their food in groups.


Our college facilitate well-equipped clinic with a full -time doctor and an assistant present within the premises of the college. As a result, the college is able to provide immediate medical assistance to students in case of an emergency. Health cards containing the medical history of all students are maintained. Students are also welcome to approach the clinic for free health check-ups anytime.


A Two Elevators facilities vertical transport vehicle that efficiently moves the people between different floors of the college building. The facility may be availed by both staff members as well as differently-abled students. A lift operator is present at all times to enable safe movement of people up and down the college.

Staff Room

The college facilitate a distinctive space for faculty members to unroll after the lecture routines. The faculty room provides a space where they can interact with each other as well as students, share creative ideas and help each other in sharing knowledge.


The parking space is provided within the college for students, staff members and visitors. The parking lot is equipped with round-the clock security services including security guards and CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the vehicles.


The college built convenient located rest rooms on various floors are a part of the college infrastructure. These are furnished with adequate number of toilets, washbowls, mirrors, dustbins etc. They are well maintained by the college housekeeping staff thereby ensuring the provision of hygienic basic amenities and tactile paths.


The college facilitate Wheelchair with the ramp for the specially challenged and for students who require this facility.


The college furnishes round the clock security in the college campus, especially at the gates. Security guards maintain the movements of students and visitors at the gates. And at the campus, CCTVs have been fixed in prime locations to tighten the security set up.

Visitors' Waiting Room

Our college has a waiting room for visitors to relax while they wait to meet the concerned college authorities. The administrative staffs ensure that visitors feel welcome and they are very forthcoming with any assistance the visitors require.


In order to cheer and advance the use of technology in the twin processes of teaching and learning, our college provides free and high speed Wi-Fi internet access in the campus to all students and teachers(Act storm 300mbs Speed and Act Lightning).

Power Generator

Our college has a power generator to avoid unplanned classes off, so course materials get covers without distraction. The power generator used when the primary power grid fails.

TEEKSHNA (Digital Shooting Range)

The aim of our shooting range is to build awareness about the Competitive sport of Shooting and in becoming the stepping stone for the person who can win India it's next medal at the Olympics.We have a Professional shooting range affiliated to the Karnataka State Rifle Association with Two International Level shooters and many National Level Shooters. We have World Class Rifles and Pistols with electronic targets for training along with best in the world analytical tools like SCATT and Trace.

Multi Gym

The well equipped multi gym provides students the opportunity to build their stamina to be better able to cope with the rigours of college life, channelize their energies in a healthy way and also hone their physique. Membership to the gym may be availed by both students and staff members at extremely nominal fees. It must be said that our gym is the training ground for many a state and university level body building champions.


Faculty Lounge

The college provides a unique space for faculty members to unwind after the rigours of lecture routines. The lounge provides faculty members a space where they can interact with each other as well as students, share creative ideas and help each other in disseminate knowledge.

Hostel Facility

Everybody wants to feel at home and this is especially significant when you are starting life in a new city. Our college knows that settling quickly and adjusting properly where you live is very important to you. You will want a secure, well-located, and sociable place to stay and study. We, in our college campus, offer this environment and you are guaranteed a safe residence.