Safety cell

Anti-ragging cell

The institution offers support to the new entrants in the classrooms and within the college campus from the menace of ragging, defined by the regulations of the UGC. An offence of ragging may be charged either on a written complaint by the affected or on independent finding of the anti-ragging squad. The college is bound by the UGC Regulations on Curbing the "Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions -2009."

Anti-ragging squad members have been deputed from all departments to monitor students’ discipline inside the campus, in order to maintain the discipline among the students. The students are informed to use the suggestion box kept near the administrative office and they are assured of the confidentiality of their complaints.

Grievance Redressal Cell

The cell is set-up to look into the complaints lodged by any student and judge its merit. The Grievance cell is also vested to look into matters of harassment. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the department members in person, or in consultation with the officer in-charge Students' Grievance Cell. In case the person is unwilling to appear in self, grievances may be dropped in writing at the letterbox/ suggestion box of the Grievance Cell at Administrative Block. Grievances may also be sent through e-mail to the officer in-charge of Students' Grievance Cell. At the same time, the college assures students that once a complaint is made, it will be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell

The College aims to create a conducive environment in which students, teachers and non-teaching staff can work together in a workplace that is free from any form of harassment, violence and exploitation based on gender. To this effort the college will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment from anybody. The Cell organises frequent gender sensitisation workshops and talks.

Equal Opportunities Cell

The Equal Opportunity Cell of the college ensures that all students are treated as equal and attempts to address deep-seated inequalities in our system. The cell, along with the Ambedkar Study Centre, promotes awareness on the life and vision of Babasaheb Ambedkar. It also guides SC/ ST students too avail of all permissible scholarships and financial assistance.

Students may also express their grievances online by filling out the form below.