Students Safety

Scope Of Cover:

The students will be covered against death, total loss of two limbs or two eyes, total loss of one limb and one eye, total loss of one limb or one eye and permanent total or partial disablement.

Benefits Under This Scheme Per Students:

(a) Death (capital benefit) Rs. 10,000/-
(b) Loss of two limbs, two eyes or one limb and one eye Rs. 10,000/-
(c) Loss of one limb or one eye Rs. 5,000/-
(d) Permanent total, disablement from injuries other than Those mentioned above. Rs. 10,000/-
(e) Permanent partial disablement. (% as per tariff which varies from 1% to 50%)

Hospitalisation Expenses:

In addition to the above, the policy will provide for reimbursement of medical expenses exceeding Rs. 500/- per student per year incurred by him for treatment in a hospital or nursing home being an in-patient for any injury sustained in an accident.

Compensation Limits:

(a) Per anyone student Rs. 10,000/-
(b) Per anyone accident Rs. 5,00,000/-
(c) For anyone policy year Rs. 10,00,000/-


  • Medical expenses for hospitalization treatment mentioned as above Rs. 500/- for anyone student for anyone year.
  • The Policy will be issued in the name of the Institution on the life and for the benefit of total number of students as given in the declaration.
  • The claim will be payable to the parent or guardian of the student as recorded in tile School register and as certified by the School Authorities.