Academic Process

Here, education is not an amount of information that is put into our brain and runs riot there, undigested all our life. we must have life-Binding, Man-Making, Character-Making, assimilation of ideas.

We want education by which knowledge is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on once own feet. The college organizes :

  • Guest lectures.
  • Career development program.
  • Spoken English, Sanskrit and Hindi classes for interested students.

Our endeavor is to prepare students with the requisite principles, skills and traits to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. The students are given education and training to make them a balanced individual in the terms of emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions so as to achieve highest goals of personal and organizational development.

The Academic programme will stretch your mind and test your limits. The Institute will broaden the student's business perspective and sharpen his/her analytical insights. The unique pedagogy gives an edge in the career progression and will prepare the students to act effectively as a successful manager in the ever-changing business environment.

The College has a multi-dimensional role and intends to support the developmental networking of management studies in order to promote managerial excellence at the corporate level.